Monday, December 3, 2007

Touchy Feeley

It was almost worth the Eagles losing to have their idiot fans shut the hell up about how A.J. Feeley should be the starting QB regardless if Donovan McNabb is hurt or not. For some reason (maybe because he's black, maybe because a large number of Eagles fans have negative IQs, maybe both), this city has never taken to McNabb, which is completely screwed up, given he's the best QB in franchise history and that he seems like he's a smart, well-adjusted, decent human being. (If the rest of the NFL was like him, commish Roger Goodell would probably sleep like a baby.) After proclaiming Feeley the team savior after he almost beat the Pats (he would have beaten them had he not been picked off three times), Eagles fan were thankful McNabb was still hurt so their new favorite player could start at QB on Sunday against the Seahawks. Once again, Feeley did what he does best; throw costly interceptions, keeping his team from winning. He got picked off four times, which is something McNabb has never been able to accomplish. In fact, in the history of the NFL, McNabb is the second least-intercepted QB. Given how much the Eagles throw (and Andy Reid likes to pass more than he likes to eat), that is quite an accomplished. The worst thing a QB can do is be intercepted, and only one player since the beginning of the NFL has avoided that more than McNabb (based on the percentage of passes intercepted per attempt). This year, Feeley has attempted 103 passes, and eight of them have been picked; McNabb has attempted 326, and only six of them have been picked. I could go on and on, citing stats about touchdowns and QB ratings and scrambling, but I won't. I just wish Eagles fans would realize how good they have had it since McNabb came here.

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