Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today's Two Beers

Baron Oktoberfest
Baron is a four-year-old brewery located in Seattle that makes German-style beers. I only recently heard about them and bought a few of their brews. This 22-ouncer is the first I tried, and I liked it, though I'm not a huge Oktoberfest fan. It was pretty mild and easy to drink, but I tend to like beer with more kick.

Nectar Red Nectar
When I decided that I was gonna start trying as many different craft beers as I could, I joined one of those beer-of-the-month clubs. After a month or two, I realized that I could do much better on my own, so I didn't renew my membership. The one cool thing about those clubs, though, is that you sometimes get to try a beer you didn't even know existed. That was the case with my first beer-of-the-month package, which contained two beers each from two breweries I was unfamiliar with: Nectar Ales and Pony Express. While I have still yet to see the latter again, the former is now sold in Philly, so I decided to retry an ale from the Buellton, Calif., brewery. Red Nectar is a solid, quite-drinkable amber ale that has more heft than I remembered. Like the other Nectar brews I've tried (including a hemp one that a MAGNET intern snuck back for me while visiting California), this is a beer pretty much anyone would like.

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