Friday, November 9, 2007

Today's Two Beers

Bison Barleywine Ale
The Bison Brewing Company is one of my very favorites. They are based in Berkeley, Calif., and all of their beer is organic. (Even if you're a luddite who couldn't care less what happens to our planet after you depart it, you'll love Bison's beer, though I doubt they want the likes of you drinking it.) In business since 1989 (at the time, I was a college freshman and only drank Rolling Rock and malt liquor), Bison recently ran into some zoning red tape, so they started a co-op with fellow organic brewer Butte Creek and are now making their beer in Chico. (Note to self: You really need to get your ass to Chico to drink some local beer.) I'm not a barleywine guy, but I like Bison so much that any time I see any of their beers available, I buy them. This one is 9.5% alcohol, and you can really taste it. I am confident in saying that I couldn't have more than one of these at a time (after 22 ounces of any barleywine, I am ready to move on to a different style of beer), which is certainly not the case with any of their other brews. I have a bottle of their Belgian Ale on hand, so I will write about that soon.

Starr Hill Pale Ale
This is the first beer I've had from this eight-year-old Charlottesville, Va., brewery, and it's everything an American pale ale should be. It's hoppy enough for my liking, but not overwhelming so. I guess it's kind of a cliche to call a beverage crisp and refreshing, but this one is. I also have their Amber Ale and Jomo Lager somewhere and will try them in the near future.

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